biokema - the organic bio-candle

The raw materials are from local origin.  The candles are produced in Germany. They are high quality candles, environmentally friendly and made from sustainable organic matter from our region.  We do not use fossil oils or compete for palm fruit which is needed for the food industry and animal feed.

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The benefits of the candle made from sustainable raw material

  • They burn with little or no soot, are CO2 neutral, carbon neutral, long-lasting and neutral to climate.
  • Spillages of the liquid mass can be washed out of textiles with detergents or brushed out.
  • After cooling down the mass can easily be lifted off
    the container underneath.

Please observe the following instructions:

Use a smooth container made from metal, glass or porcelain, preferably with a rim.

Do not try to push the candle forcibly onto a spike or candleholder in order to  achieve an improved hold. This could cause the material to crumble.

Shorten the wick as soon as it is 12mm long.  To extinguish it, dip it into the liquid   mass and erect it again afterwards.

Keep the candle out of draughts so it burns evenly.

Never leave the candle burning without supervision and shorten the edge gently when it reaches a depth of 20mm.

Please inform us about your use of this product; we welcome your comments! These candles offer great advantages in their production and use!

TÜV Thüringen has awarded the following Seal of Approval to our product "Tested for Environmental Friendliness" which in itself is a novelty as never before has such a seal of approval been given for candle material or the finished product!